Offering skills courses in Canoe I can get you started on your paddle sport journey and help you develop along the way as you discover new pathways and areas of the sport you wish to pursue
Your day is tailored to your needs focussing on your goals, can be used as training days for 2 or 3 star awards


Novice Skills course

If you are just starting or looking to quickly accelerate your learning, these 1 and 2 day courses are designed to be more focussed on learning and developing your skills in the open canoe and start to discover what a remarkable and versatile craft these are

 10333510_10203543933857258_5412094778145716702_o Introduction to  Canoe

Aimed at Beginners, If you are just starting out and want to get the basics right, Then Learn from an experienced coach who will not only be able to get you up to speed quickly with skills to control your Canoe but will start to give you a glimpse of what is possible with these versatile craft,  more …..

10535725_1444472715826535_782137656486363451_o Intermediate Canoe Skills

Aimed at anyone wishing to take the next step up from beginner
or Ideal for a kayaker wishing to do the 2* assessment but feel weak in canoe skills, more …..

Intermediate Skills course

Take your paddling to the next stage and start to really gain confidence in your ability: these 1 and 2 day courses are designed to be more focussed on learning and developing your skills at a higher level in your chosen craft, expanding your learning of your craft and giving you a wider skill range: more …..

252544_360913877319656_535896827_n Introduction to WW Canoe Skills
For paddlers wishing to move onto moving water, Take your skills and knowledge and move into the exciting dynamic environment of the White water river, here you will quickly realise that you are no longer in sole control and you have a new set of skills to learn and master, more …..
270638_360914713986239_1050974458_n Intermediate WW Open Boat Skills
The aspirant 3 * paddler, Taking your skills and fine tuning them to allow you to  start moving around white water rivers with ease and grace, Now we start using the river as our playground, features that once looked scary on the river now have a fun side to them, more …..


Advanced Skills Courses

Hone your skills and start to feel like you truly are the master of your craft: courses are designed and around your needs, focussing on strengthening those areas of your paddling that you feel need help or areas where you lack experience.
You will leave not only with a lot of new gained experiences and understanding, but with an action plan for you to continue to improve afterwards and consolidate what you have learnt.

 1498153_10153591888440165_928457707_o  Advanced WW Open canoe Skills

For aspirant 4* paddlers or Grade 2/3 paddlers,  This course is very much developed around your needs but normally we would look at river running techniques, skills and strategies for running drops & rapids, safety & Rescue,  more …..

1485902_10153587780075165_650842731_o  Advanced Open Water, Open canoe Skills
For aspirant 4/5* paddlers, or experienced paddlers wishing to upskill, This course is very much developed around your needs but normally we would look open water skills and strategies for group management,  more …..
283187_360914660652911_1886101082_n Upstream Journey, Pole, Line and Track

Using the skills of Poling, Line & Tracking we take and  give you the confidence to use them and in turn make them slicker, Traveling up stream will open up a whole new way of both seeing the river and traveling the river as we aim to complete a full days up stream journey,  more …..