Offering you Kayak skills courses I can get you started on the right “direction” with structured introductory courses allowing you to develop quickly into a safe competent paddler,

For the more experienced kayaker I can take you from introducing you to whitewater through to advanced WW skills either  in a 1-1 coaching setting or small groups
Your session/course is tailored to your needs focussing on your goals, and can be used as training days towards star awards
You will leave not only with a lot of new gained experiences and understanding, but with an action plan for you to continue to improve afterwards and consolidate what you have learnt.

Novice Skills course
If you are just starting or looking to quickly accelerate your learning, these 1 and 2 day courses are designed to be more focussed on learning and developing your skills

 ConwayCoaching 010 Introduction to  Kayak

Aimed at Beginners, If you are just starting out and want to get the basics right, Then Learn from an experienced coach who will not only be able to get you up to speed quickly with skills to control your kayak  more…

 ConwayCoaching 011 Intermediate Kayak Skills
Aimed at anyone wishing to take the next step up from beginner
or Ideal for  a canoeist wishing to do the 2* assessment but feel weak in Kayak skills more…

Intermediate Skills course
Take your paddling to the next stage and start to really gain confidence in your ability: either as 1 or 2 day courses they are designed to be more focussed on learning and developing your kayaking skills to a higher level , expanding your learning and understanding of your kayak in the White water environment and giving you a wider skill range:

 ty-nat-ww 013  Introduction to whitewater kayak

For paddlers wishing to move onto Whitewater, Take your skills and knowledge and move into the exciting dynamic environment of the White water river, here you will quickly realise that you are no longer in control and you have a new set of skills to learn and master, more…

 ConwayCoaching 060 Intermediate WW Kayak Skills

The aspirant 3 * paddler, Taking your skills and fine tuning them to allow you to  start moving around white water rivers with ease and grace, Now we start using the river as our playground, features that once looked scary on the river now have a fun side to them,  more…

Advanced Skills Courses
Hone your skills and start to feel like you truly are the master of the river, Our courses are designed and around your needs, focussing on strengthening those areas of your paddling that you feel need help or areas where you lack experience.

 10398462_1126376397905_5209791_n Advanced  Whitewater Kayak Skills

For 3* paddlers or Grade 3 paddlers, Are you Reddy to step up? This course is very much developed around your needs but normally we would look at river running techniques, skills and strategies for running drops & rapids, safety & Rescue,   more…

ireland 053 Advanced  Whitewater Kayak Skills & River Leadership

For the aspirant 4* paddlers  the course is very much focused around those areas you feel are in need of strengthening and shoring up any experience gaps you may have, Please note  This course does not count towards, nor is it an official  4*,   more…